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The 55” Blackball soft top features BZ designers “Black Ball” graphic on the deck of the board and a “Zig Zag” graphic on the bottom slick.

This board features a square tail, which allows the surfer easier maneuverability in the surf and gives the surfer more stability. This board also comes with a leash and a FCS twin fin box system set up. This board has it all for your weekend surf sessions.

Dimensions & Weight:
55″” inches long x 19.31″” inches wide x 2.55″” thick – 5.06 lbs

Polystyrene (EPS) Core: stiff but lightweight foam provides the ideal foam type. Great buoyancy and a reasonable amount of flex; perfect for any level of experience surfing.
HDPE Slick: high density polyethylene is used for the slick, or the bottom material of this bodyboard; perfect for beginners; best suited for riders who are lighter in weight so less pressure is exerted on the surfboard; less performance-based but accesible for any skill level.
Squash Tail Shape: The Squash Tail shape allows for more stability in most conditions and for most levels of surfer. It also allows for radical maneuvers by the experienced surfer.

Surf Board Design:
The Blackball was created so that you can have fun in all types of waves especially in the summer during the months when the lifeguards do not allow hard surf boards in the water, hence the name Blackball. This board is built using a Green Cell deck, no mesh and dual wooden stringers for added strength.

Unique Feature:
Squash tail shape, PU leash and twin fin set up.

Purchase Includes:
Fin, Leash and Fin key included

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