Beach Gladiator Roll-on Rash Guard

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Beach Gladiator helps protect the inner thighs and other common rubbing areas from becoming irritated. Rubbing (whether skin to skin or skin to clothing) often causes a painful rash. When applied, Beach Gladiator creates a slick protective barrier that shields the skin from rubbing and friction. Beach Gladiator is great for those who surf, swim, boogie board, paddleboard, kayak, or scuba dive. It’s also great for walking, running, biking and playing in the beach elements. No more Spandex under your clothing to keep from chafing and rashing – this is rash guard in a bottle!


Apply directly to the skin at the problem area. It’s more effective when applied before the problem occurs, but can be applied any time to areas exposed to friction, rubbing and irritation. Common problem areas tend to be the inner thighs, nipples, feet, and under arms. Beach Gladiator can be removed with regular soap and water.

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