Naish Hover Surf Comet Epoxy

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The Hover Surf Comet Epoxy is a foil specific surfboard with a traditional outline jam-packed with wave catching volume and early entry rocker.


Naish's Hover Surf line has been expanded and refined for 2019 to provide greater performance for anyone from first-time foilers to frequent flyers, thanks to valuable feedback from Naish team riders. The Hover foil boards have plenty of volume and a flat, easy-entry rocker that makes paddling into even the most marginal waves an easy task. Incredibly durable with their epoxy, wood veneer layup, these boards features two 10" US fin boxes, allowing riders to place the Thrust Surf foil-or any 4-bolt plate-style foil- exactly where they want, based on their size and ability. Once up and foiling, the Hover Surf is stable, easy to control, and easy pump thanks to its compact, progressive shape.


  • Beveled Rails from Nose to Tail: helps make the transition from getting up on the board to getting on foil smooth and prevents the rails from catching during turns.
  • High Volume: allows you to catch waves easily and early.
  • Foil Track Mount: compatible with most foil systems and lets you adjust the foil position.
  • Self-Centering Concave Deck: provides comfortable paddling and guides your feet to the correct position on the board.
  • Narrow Outline: maximizes paddle speed.
  • High Durability: epoxy/wood veneer layup
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