Naish Hover Surf Comet PU

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Who is it for?
These boards are for surfers who want easy paddling and control while foil surfing.

What does it do?
Hover Surf Comets easily glide into waves and offer direct foil control.

Why is it unique?
Despite its small size, these boards offer fantastic paddling performance with no sacrifice in foiling performance.

SIZE: 5'10"


  • Parallel Outline- paddling stability + speed
  • Concave Deck- reference for sweet spot + paddle comfort
  • Flat Nose Rocker Design- early planning with ultimate paddle power
  • Wide Tail Design- increased stability for take off
  • Polyurethane/Glass Construction with Wood Stringer- light + strong
  • Carbon Net in Stance Area- improved durability
  • High Density PVC foil track system with (2) 10" US Boxes- easy, fine-tuned foil placement compatible with plate designs as well as with Naish Abracadabra system.
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