Yakgrips Comfort Kayak Paddle Grips

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  • CONFORMS TO THE CURVE OF YOUR HAND: This high-quality, patented design cushioned paddle grip makes paddling more enjoyable because it conforms to the curves of your hands. The padding reduces pressure on your palms, tendons, and fingers, allowing you to get a better grip for more efficient paddling. The soft, durable material also reduces blisters and calluses as you enjoy water activities.
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: The Surfgrip model of the Yakgrips are made with a hook and loop closure. Simply locate your two hand positions on the paddle shaft. Wrap the Yakgrip around the paddle shaft under each hand position then press the hook and loop closure together so the seam lies flat on one-piece paddles. The seam should face away from you.
  • SIMPLE TO WASH: These Yakgrips paddle grips require very low maintenance. We’ve made them washable! When they get dirty on the river or sweaty from your hands, the process is simple; all you have to do is wash with mild dish detergent and they’ll be ready to go for your next river, ocean, or lake trip. Unlike grip tape or other similar products, these grippers will be around for every excursion.
  • MAKES PADDLING MORE EFFICIENT: If you’re a competitive kayaker, you’ll love that these stretchy, adjustable grips will improve your performance. They can also act as a training aid for learning the correct positioning on a paddle. By reducing friction on the hands, paddling becomes smoother and more effective with these waterproof accessories while helping to keep your hands blister-free.
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