Event Calendar 2017

June 10th. 10th Annual Dean Randazzo Paddle for a Cause. Help others in our community to kick cancer’s a$$. Raise $200 to enter the 4 mile Fun Paddle, 8 Mile Bay Race, or the headlining event the 22.5 mile paddle … Continued

Results for Upper Township Beach Patrol Bay Row and Paddle 2015

RESULTS14 SUPNAMETIMERACE ID 1Jason Chew0:51:30D2 2Ryan Oliver0:51:44D29 3Sven Peltonon0:52:03D52 4Todd Desatnick0:52:06D32 5Greg Errion0:52:53D40 6Kenny Balcerski0:53:10D30 7Chad Desatnick0:53:20D31 8Robin Delgado0:54:10D44 9Ed Okinsky0:55:00D16 10Mike Fithian0:56:17D7 11Tyler Hunter0:56:44D45 12Kip Emig0:58:13D53 13Ryan Griffin0:58:40D51 14Andy Giordano0:58:48D19 15Mike Hutchings1:02:05D8 16Tom Forkin1:02:24D46 17Michael Marotta1:04:49D27 18Ed Miller1:05:37D43 19Matt Hankinson1:05:57D48 20Lewis Ostrander1:06:46D47 21John Ahern1:13:04D1 22Stephen Swift1:27:40D50 12’6 & UNDER SUP    1Zack Weisman1:01:45C25 2Sean Geary1:04:49C9 3Andrew Eells1:10:13C43 4Patrick Mumman1:12:00C38 5Jim Toolan SR1:15:31C14 6Chris Mulloy1:16:54C48 7Joseph Edwards1:17:04C46 8Patrick Tomlin1:19:52C40 9Andrew Magner1:21:20C45 10Thomas Gould1:23:40C49 11Marty Suech1:39:19C39 12 … Continued