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Have you always wanted to surf but don’t have a clue how to do it? Book a surf lesson and head to one of our private or group lessons. Our expert instructors will work with you on form, balance, wave-catching strategies, and much more so you can approach waves with confidence and control your surfboard with ease. Contact us at (609) 263-0805 for more details or to schedule a surfboard lesson, how to get on your board and stay on your board, and share tips about how to maintain balance while afloat. You’ll also learn different paddling techniques and drop-stepping. You’ll leave this stand up paddleboard lesson feeling comfortable with your board and ready to paddle across the water.

Surf Lessons


$100 each/ 2 ppl

$90 each/3 ppl

$75 each/4ppl

$50 each/ 5ppl or more





Sea Isle 35th Street.

8 a.m  Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun

Location Avalon. Stone Harbor
Days Mon. Tues. Thurs. Sat
Time 8 a.m.

*Group Lessons are 1 hour long and good for adults and children of all ages.