Our camps run every weekday. With a maximum number of nine campers accepted per day for this surf camp, sign up fast or risk missing out on learning how to surf from experienced and enthusiastic instructors. Recommended ages from 6-13.

Surf Camp for Kids in Ocean View NJ

Experienced Surf Instructors

Our camps provide the full experience of surfing by practicing everything from water safety to complicated maneuvers. We are so confident in our fun and effective methods, you should expect to be riding by the end of the camp. All camps include two hours of instruction.

Kids Surf Camp Instructors

At Harbor Outfitters, we believe the best parts of the New Jersey beaches are experienced while riding waves. In addition to our kid camps, we offer a full lineup of beach rentals, tours, and lessons and classes. To get started with your adventure, book online now or call (609) 263-0805.