Imagine Bula 11'6 x 33 orange

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The Bula was designed by Dave Kalama with one idea in mind: to have as much fun on the water as possible. Paralleling its Fijian translation, “wishing you happiness and good health”, the Bula was created to be more than just a paddleboard, but rather to be your go to platform for on the water adventure. Built using extremely durable thermoforming technology, this board combines toughness with a lightweight foam core resulting in a durable yet lightweight board. The Bula is loaded with features allowing you to escape and head off into your own idea of happiness. Whether it’s out on the ocean, a lake, canal, or any other body of water, the Bula will allow you to expand your idea of fun.

A full deck pad covering nose to tail makes the Bula extra comfortable for paddling with your child or furry friends, or when moving through your favorite yoga poses. Catching a few waves on this board is lots of fun too. The Bula is not simply a perfect first board or second board to be shared with family or friends, it’s one board that can truly do it all.


Using the most advanced techniques in molded board design, our Thermoform Composite technology harnesses the strength and durabilty of a Polycarbonate shell wrapped around a lightweight EPS core.


Our Bamboo Composite technology combines the artfull look of traditional hand-built softwood surfboards with the lightweight durability of reinforcing glass layers. Light, strong and with an organic flex pattern a full wood top and bottom vacuum bagged board delivers.

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